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So, you want to create a blog or website with WordPress.com? Signup just takes a minute. Here are the step-by-step instructions for getting started. If you already have an account, skip to the next section.

Get Signed Up!

Get Signed Up!

1. Head to WordPress.com and click Get started here.

2. Choose a blog address. This is the unique URL that people will visit to check out your blog.

3. If that blog address is available, you’ll see a green check mark. You’ll also see the option to purchase a custom domain name (like yourblog.com), or you can use yourblog.wordpress.com for free.

4. Next, choose a unique username that will identify you in the WordPress.com community. You’ll use this to log into your blog.

5. Now it’s time to think up a password. You’ll need to enter the same password twice, and the little strength bar will tell you if you’ve chosen a strong password or not.

6. Next up, enter your email address. Be sure to use your primary email — if you ever forget your WordPress.com account password, you won’t be able to reset it if you can’t access the email account listed here.

7. Now select the language that you’ll be blogging in.

8. To create a free blog, click Create Blog. To purchase the awesome WordPress Value Bundle, click Upgrade and you’ll be directed to domain registration and payment next.

9. You’re almost done! Next, head to your email inbox, find the signup confirmation from WordPress.com, and click Activate Blog.

10. After you click the activation link, the fun part begins — customizing your site. Select Show More Themes to browse through more choices. To learn more about a theme, click the image.

11. Click Choose This Theme when you find one you like. (Keep in mind that you can always change your theme later on.)

12. That’s it! Next you’ll be taken to the Welcome screen, where you’ll learn about how to navigate around WordPress.com.

What’s Next?

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