Scenario Details for Talent Hub Next Steps – Project



As we wrap up the formal classroom training for the Talent Hub pilot and move to the next phase, here is an overview of what happens next. Because this is a pilot, and because there is still a significant amount of coordination necessary with community partners, what is shown here is tentative and aspirational.

Based on the feedback received from the most recent Zoomerang survey, the following priorities have been identified for consideration by Workforce Connection.

Voice of the Customer – top priorities

#1 – Project support
Project support (e.g., matching to available projects on crowdsourcing sites, local promotion)

#2 – Mastermind group
Mastermind group(s) for networking, leads and in-person advisory help and support

#3 – Freelance database
Freelancing database for local businesses, matchmaking for individual and team projects

#4 – Resource support
Resource support (e.g., WIA eligibility, core and intensive services)

#5 – Access to instructor
Access to the instructor for coaching and ongoing training sessions – virtual/webinar

#6 – Infrastructure support
Infrastructure support (e.g., coworking facility, meeting rooms)

Timing (subject to board approval and coordination with key community partners)

Phase 1 – Orientation and Promotion of Talent Hub (pilot) April 2012

Phase 2 – Talent Hub pilot training program May – June 2012

Phase 3 – Talent Hub continued learning, mastermind group and subject matter expert (SME) series July – August 2012

– Grovo and/or training platform
– SME sessions: accounting, continuing education, tax planning, business law, (…)
– Mastermind advisory and referral network

Phase 3a – Talent Hub interim coworking solution, using existing space at College of Central Florida (Ocala)

Phase 4 – Coworking facility and “think tank” for meetings, collaboration and business support January 2013 (tentative)

Specific Logistics

Budget: NTE $25,000

Location: initially in Ocala, College of Central Florida

Number of members: 25+

Space available: Currently approx. 800-1000 sq. ft.


1. Freelance database
2. Customer relationship management (CRM) implementation
3. Technical specs for coworking facility
4. Marketing and promotion
5. Continuing education and SME series
6. Mastermind group setting and leadership
7. Wiki and collaboration tools
8. Press and earned media
9. Partnership development (e.g., SCORE, SBDC)
10. Local employer coordination
11. Crowdsourcing project sourcing
12. Video editing
13. Printing and production
14. Cloud-based services and resources management
15. Research and benchmarking
16. Best practices and case studies (documentation)
17. Concierge services (virtual assistant and misc. admin. support) for Talent Hub

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