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Talent Hub Project Manager Search

In May 2012, Workforce Connection began an Alternative Work Strategy concept called “Talent Hub” (TH) ( as a pilot project to support job search and employment opportunities in the freelance market place by engaging job seekers to optimize their skills as sources of income.  The College of Central Florida has been a key partner in this pilot effort.

Based upon the participation in this pilot effort, Workforce Connection is seeking a Project Manager to move the project forward to the next level.  The project manager will be working with an expanded project partner team composed of the College of Central Florida, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and SCORE to support/sustain the current TH members, develop an ongoing workshop/education program built upon the pilot effort to engage more “soloprenuers” and build on the base that was established.

Project Vision:

  1. Sustain Current Members by:
    1. Expanding skills development
    2. Establishing Individual Marketing Profiles and Business Opportunities
      1. Market TH capacity for projects
      2. Solicit business projects for TH members
      3. Research member opportunities through Internet Sites
    3. Maintain Website/social media sites and content to support members
    4. Coordinate training through:
      1. SME presentations based on member needs
      2. Partner programs
    5. Facilitate Monthly Member meeting
      1. In-person venue
      2. Online/webinar
  2. Build on Base by:
    1. Developing a resource library for members
    2. Cultivate expanded partnerships
    3. Track member success and other date to support project continuation
    4. Research grants to support on-going project growth and sustainability
    5. Review and adjust project format to improve project services and member success potential
    6. Explore the feasibility/implement a “co-working” facility supported by project partners and outside grants.

Project Manager Qualifications:

The TH Project Manager will possess some or all of the following skills and experience

  1. Past successful experience in an entrepreneurial environment as either the lead of a team or as an individual in a freelance situation; details of experience required;
  2. Bachelor’s degree in a business-related program of study;
  3. Experience with adult learning and training
  4. 10 years of experience in a business environment as a manager or owner.

Project Manager Employment Options:

Given the nature or the project, Workforce Connection will consider:

  1. Either individual employment as a regular employee of Workforce Connection or employment as a contractor, with certain performance goals established; or
  2. Engagement of a firm or organization as project manager.

Workforce Connection believes that the project will require the full time commitment of the person designated/selected as project manager, so contractors or firms should base their prices on this requirement.

Project Period:

The project has had a period of success in its initial phase.  The period of performance, if a consultant/firm is chosen is through June 30, 2013, with extensions beyond that date based upon negotiated outcomes.  Up to three, one-year extensions will be considered based upon the achievement of the performance outcomes.

Individual employment will be subject to the normal terms of employment with Workforce Connection.

Method of Application:

  1. Individuals seeking the position as an employee, should submit their resume and cover letter to:
    Mary Price
    Workforce Connection
    3003 SW College Road, Suite 205
    Ocala, Florida 34474
    Applications due no later than Friday, July 27, 2012, 5:00 p.m.
  2. Contractors and firms should submit their information supporting the minimum requirements to:
    Val Hinson
    Workforce Connection
    3003 SW College Road, Suite 205
    Ocala, Florida 34474
    Submissions due no later than Friday, July 27, 2012, 5:00 p.m.

Workforce Connection shall have the right to terminate this agreement if it fails to receive funding appropriate to continue operation.  In such event, Workforce shall give 60 days advance notice of intent to do so, or, if funding is not established in time to allow such, then such shorter period of notice as is possible, provided, however, that notice in  no event shall be less than 30 days.  Workforce reserves the right to make no award on this RFP, if most advantageous to Workforce.

Parties wishing to protest the recommendations of the Executive Committee should file a written protest within three business days of the committee’s action.  Such protest should include the basis of the protest and any other pertinent materials which the party wishes to have considered as justification for its protest.

Letters of protest should be addressed to:
Suzanne Mills, Chairman
Workforce Connection
Enterprise Center
3003 SW College Rd, Suite 205
Ocala, FL  34474

Upon receipt of a protest, the Chairman will convene a meeting of the Executive Committee.  All parties involved in the protest will be notified of the protest and the time and place of the hearing of the protest by the Executive Committee.  Any affected party may present, in writing, a response to the protest for consideration by the Executive Committee.

Workforce Connection is an EOE Employer/Program.  Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities using TTY/TDD equipment via the Florida Relay Service at 711.