3 Golden Rules for Hiring IT Freelancers

Here are some great tips from a recent Computerworld article on how to select IT support through freelancing:

1. Pay close attention to your hire’s background. Sometimes, professional outsourcing companies based in foreign countries attempt to masquerade as a single individual on a freelance site, bidding at an absurdly low price. Check the pedigree and personal description of a potential hire carefully to make sure you’re getting an independent person with a solid work background.

2. Your results are only as good as your ad. You’re hiring IT professionals, not mind readers. Unclear or unspecific job advertisements on any of these sites may attract the wrong type of talent or individuals without enough expertise. That can dramatically draw out the hiring process and reduce the effectiveness of using these sites.

Go over your job advertisement with a fine-toothed comb before your post it. Be sure to include specific areas of expertise that you want from contractors, years of experience that you want contractors to have and exactly what you expect them to do for you if they get hired.

3. You get what you pay for. This rule can’t be emphasized enough — but it is easy to forget when visiting online freelance marketplaces. While very basic tasks may be suitable for outsourcing to low-cost workers, you’ll generally find that IT pros who submit bids to work for two dollars an hour are going to give you just that: work worth two dollars an hour.

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