What’s RIASEC?

Realistic – people who like to work with objects, tools, machines, and things in nature. Mechanical ability and technical competence are encouraged; people and other interpersonal issues tend to be overlooked. As coworkers, they tend to have traditional values and take a concrete and direct approach to the world. Rewards come from having a straightforward, relatively simple life and seeing tangible results of one‘s work.

Investigative – people who work to conduct thorough investigations of physical, biological, or cultural phenomena. Scholarship, math skills, and scientific ability are encouraged; direct leadership tasks tend to be overlooked. As co-workers, they generally are very involved in their own tasks and not too interested in frequent interactions with other people. Rewards come from freedom, satisfaction of curiosity, and a chance to develop one‘s own work style.

Artistic – people who work with words, music, or artistic media to create original results. Expression, sensitivity, intuition, nonconformity, and independence are encouraged; routine organizational tasks tend to be avoided. As co-workers, they tend to be emotional, expressive, and unconventional in dress and/or behavior.

Social – people who work with other people, teaching, caring, curing, leading, or helping them in some way. Cooperation, sociability, understanding, and flexibility are encouraged; physical tasks involving machines and tools tend to be avoided. As co-workers they are generally friendly, helpful, and interested in discussing problems. Rewards come from helping others, receiving appreciation, and being in a warm and supportive environment.

Enterprising – people who work with other people, selling, persuading, and leading. Assertiveness, competition, self-confidence, speaking ability, and leadership are encouraged; complex problem solving involving intangibles tend to be avoided. As co-workers, they tend to be concerned about power, status, and influence; they like to be in charge. Rewards come from a sense of achievement and being where the action is; the rewards are often in the form of money, power, and/or status.

Conventional – people who work with computers, manage records and communication, and perform administrative tasks. Organizational, computer, and financial skills are encouraged; artistic, individualistic, and nonconformist activities tend to be avoided. As co-workers, they tend to be orderly, persistent, and calm; stability is valued. Rewards come from seeing how one‘s input contributes to the smooth operation of an enterprise or community.

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