The Power of Social Networks in Getting People Back to Work

The Social Network” is not just a movie about how Facebook was launched, it is a critical part of how we interact with others today and how we can tap into the power of physical and virtual networks to stay relevant in the knowledge economy and take advantage of new ways of working such as crowdsourcing, solopreneurship, and the increasingly prevalent contingent workforce model. The session will focus on the following three elements of leveraging social networks.

  1. Being visible.
  2. Being relevant.
  3. Being flexible.

Being Visible: There are so many ways to connect with others and make ourselves known using Web 2.0 resources, such as LinkedIn for developing a virtual Rolodex, Facebook for keeping up with friends and acquaintances, Ning and WordPress for joining or leading virtual “tribes,” and Twitter for sharing bite (or byte) sized information.

Being Relevant: Those of you who have seen the video “Shift Happens” may remember the statement that the Top Ten most in-demand jobs of 2010 did not even exist 10 years ago. Staying current with the changes in technology is no longer optional, as computer literacy IS the new literacy of the 21st century and those who don’t have the skills will be left behind. We will look at what can be done to address this.

Being Flexible: If anyone has read Dan Pink’s “Free Agent Nation,” you won’t be surprised to hear that in the US today, some 40 million people are working in completely new models of employment, including solopreneurs and free agents. We’ll evaluate some of the key developments in the “future of work” and consider the implications and opportunities for workforce and training professionals.

Here is a link to the presentation that I gave at this year’s Southeastern Employment & Training Association (SETA) Spring Conference in Greensboro, NC.

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