Crowd Worker Bill of Rights

In an attempt to bring leadership to this issue of potential exploitation, author David Alan Grier has offered up a “Crowd Workers Bill of Rights” [podcast] that would set standards for how crowdsourced workers are treated, paid, and involved in the projects they are hired to support.

Grier describes four classes of crowd workers, starting with the divided labor worker (sometimes referred to as microlabor) who works on smaller tasks that become part of a larger project; partial employment workers (interchangeable with temporary workers) with more sophisticated skills; contest workers, competing “on spec” in the hopes of being paid, but frequently working without payment; and public opinion workers, such as bloggers and others who volunteer their time to curate and participate in the development of online content.

At a minimum, according to Grier, each class of worker deserves to be paid for their work (unless they are knowingly volunteering their time), they should be aware of how their work is being used to support a larger project or goal, and they must understand, in the event their work is not selected, why they were excluded and if an aspect of their work was deemed insufficient (Grier, 2011).

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